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Conteúdo em pt-BR
Refactored a web page
Contribui no projeto Panda Responde na Hacktoberfest
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Conteúdo em pt-BR
Refactored a web page
Contribui com a responsividade do site da caverna durante a hacktoberfest!
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Acesse o repositório clicando aqui.
Used Tailwind CSS
Used PHP
Conteúdo em pt-BR
Deployed with Heroku
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Projeto de site de links pessoais
Projeto de um site que une meus links pessoais, desenvolvido utilizando talwindcss, PHP e com deploy no Heroku.
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Started about 9 hours ago
Working on Jamstack
Developing a full stack web application
Still with rough edges but very excited how the development of is going ✌🏼 using gatsbyjs, netlify, reactjs, faunadb, apollo, graphql 
Started 3 minutes ago
Migrating a Product
Today is a “big” day … moving away from GreenGeeks to the (European) SupportHost hosting company… so far great experience with the new provider…
Woking on a product
Started working on an amazing project